United Federation of Players

The United Federation of Players was formed in 2000 as a group of like-minded players who enjoyed playing the online game of Delta Force 2. As the years have gone by and the gaming genre has progressed towards more graphically intensive games UFP has also evolved from a gaming community to a social community of long term friends. Where many of our friends have moved onto other games and squads it is important to note that they always have a home here with us. We maintain a forums for the purpose of our friends to check in and maintain contact with us here at UFP.

For many years UFP hosted a squad message forum for our membership and our visiting friends. This is the place where our friendships began, grew and blossomed into relationships that will hopefully span a lifetime. Since the squad has moved on though we have also advanced with the newer social revolution and decided to move our contact media over to Facebook. You can now contact us through our Friends of UFP Facebook page. Please feel free to drop by there and when you do please leave us a message with the following information:

  • Real Name
  • Alias in game
  • What game you played with us
  • What squad you were in
  • Any other information you find pertinent

It was unfortunate to have to bring the forums to a close but it was a decision that took us 9 months to make. Hopefully no one will be too upset with this turn of events and will be able to contact us through the other means found on this website. Thank you for your continued understanding.