Recommended Files

UFP in conjunction with Le Roy Acres Web Services highly recommends the following links to files for your enjoyment and your PC's protection. All files listed below are freeware and have been proven to be spyware and malware free:


Note: You should run some type of firewall on your system either via your router (NAT), Windows Firewall, or a third party firewall program listed below. Third party firewalls are usually more configurable than the Windows firewall but less than the router firewall.


Note: only run one anti-virus program at one time as they may interfere with each other


Note: We recommend that you should run both an anti-spyware plus an anti-malware program to protect your system at least once a month.

Disk Utilities

Note: the following programs should be ran occaisionally to promote good health of your computer and operating system. Frequency depends solely upon the intensity of your use of your PC.

  • Defraggler - Hard Drive Defragmention program
  • Recuva - File recovery program
  • CCleaner - system cleaning program, removes history, cookies etc. Please read the instructions first
  • Belarc Advisor - A system auditing program used to discover installed software and hardware components